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Unforgettable Content Optimization: A Comprehensive Case Study

Content optimization is a great way to improve your search visibility and organic traffic, but not all strategies are created equal. This case study will show you the best practices we used to successfully optimize our content, ultimately leading to more website visitors and conversions.

Define Your Goals for Content Optimization.

Before beginning any content optimization project, it’s important to define the goals you plan to achieve. Whether that means improving your website's visibility on search engines or increasing organic traffic, having a clear goal in mind will help you focus your efforts and determine what techniques and strategies to use during the optimization process. This is also a great way to measure the success of your efforts once they are complete.

Conduct & Analyze a Comprehensive Site Audit.

A comprehensive Site Audit is a valuable first step in any content optimization project. This detailed review of your website can reveal areas for improvement in terms of design, usability, technical aspects, and more. The results of the site audit will provide vital insight into where improvements can be made and what techniques should be used to maximize your organic visibility online.

Unforgettable Content Optimization: A Comprehensive Case Study
Unforgettable Content Optimization: A Comprehensive Case Study

Map Out a Keyword & Topic Strategy.

Once you have determined the current health of your website, you can map out a keyword and Topic Strategy to increase organic visibility. During this process, you should identify which keywords and topics offer the most value in terms of search ranking, traffic levels, and user engagement. By focusing on relevant topics that are already getting some traction, as well as aiming for keywords that are underutilized by competitors, you can create keyword targets to begin targeting with your content optimization efforts.

Implement Structured Data Where Appropriate.

Structured data can help you improve your content’s discoverability and visibility on the SERP by adding snippets with targeted keywords. Additionally, the use of JSON-LD is the best way to annotate your pages for Google Search, allowing it to understand what is being communicated in that page. Take advantage of Google's Rich Results Test to ensure that this code gets implemented correctly on your webpage. With these extra snippets in place, you can better highlight key elements of your page and increase overall visibility on SERPs.

Build & Manage Authority to Your Top Pages.

Strategically focus your inbound links to the top pages you want to rank. Use preferable Anchor Text and link profiles featuring a mix of branding, homepage, generic terms. Create relationships between internal assets by strategically linking them together with a wide variety of keywords and key phrases you want to rank for. Doing so will create the right internal linking structure that enhances importance between your web pages, which improves findability and relevancy in search engines!

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