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Quick Tips for Combining Meme and Content Marketing Tactics

Combining MEME with traditional CONTENT tactics is an effective way to create a powerful content marketing campaign. Leveraging the power of both can help you reach a larger audience and achieve your desired objectives. In this article, we will provide five tips for how to effectively combine meme and content marketing strategies.

Leverage Contrasting Styles of Memes and Content.

Contrasting styles of memes and content can help to maximize their effectiveness when used in combination. For example, using humorous memes alongside serious content can draw attention by being an unexpected juxtaposition. On the other hand, funnier content paired with more serious memes can offer readers a momentary break from a difficult topic while still allowing them to stay engaged with the overall message.

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Use Influencers to Range your Reach with Memes and Content.

Influencers are perfect for spreading your message beyond the scope of what you could accomplish on your own. Memes and content, when used in tandem, can reach an even larger audience by taking advantage of influencer's existing networks. Provide influencers with the tools necessary to share your content, like descriptions and URLs that lead back to your website so that viewers can discover more detailed information.

Quick Tips for Combining Meme and Content Marketing Tactics
Quick Tips for Combining Meme and Content Marketing Tactics

Amplify Posts With Cross-Platform Strategies.

Cross-platform strategies can take your content marketing to the next level. Utilizing existing networks of influencers on social media, YouTube, and other outlets to spread your message further and faster. Also, be sure to post a variety of formats; You can take a look at MemeChat. Combining videos, images, and written content allows you to capture more attention from a diverse audience with different preferences for how they consume information.

Integrate Memes With Blogs and Articles.

Since memes are usually short and highly sharable, they can be integrated with blogs or articles to increase visibility. For example, you could use a relevant meme as the featured image for an article headline in order to draw attention to your content. Additionally, blog posts or articles about a topic related to your meme can provide additional perspectives that compliment the original message. This is a great way to boost SEO rankings, as well as engage followers who appreciate diverse types of content.

Track Your Campaigns Across the Networks for Effective Audience Measurement.

Tracking metrics is an essential part of understanding how effective your content marketing campaigns are, and this is especially true when using memes. After creating a post featuring a meme that compliments a traditional content campaign, you should measure the reach and engagement it gets across different social networks. This can help you determine which platforms your audience responds better to and make adjustments to future campaigns accordingly.

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