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Product Launch Planning Checklist - What To Do Before Go Live?

Launching a new product can be exciting, but it also involves a lot of planning. To ensure your product launch goes smoothly, follow this comprehensive checklist to make sure you’re ready for go-live. From exploring your market and preparing promotional materials to setting up customer service and tracking metrics, you'll have everything you need for a successful launch.

Set Your Launch Goals.

Before you begin planning your product launch, set achievable and realistic goals. Establish goals that will help measure the success of your launch, such as the number of new customers acquired, increase in sales revenue, or growth in media coverage. Having measurable objectives will help you monitor progress along the way and give insight into areas that need improvement after the launch.

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Create an Audience Profile.

When planning a product launch, it’s important to understand who your target audience is. Creating a detailed customer profile will make it easier to create an effective marketing plan and tailor messaging that resonates with the right people. Understand what demographics they fall into, their motivations and interests, and their buying behaviors. This will help you pinpoint the most relevant channels to promote your product to your ideal customer.

Prepare Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Your content marketing strategy should be a key part of your product launch plan. Crafting content that speaks to your target audience, resonates with them, and drives engagement is essential to driving brand awareness during a launch period. Determine the channels you will leverage for the reach and consider creating landing pages or websites for the product to allow your team to track campaign performance and build an email list.

Product Launch Planning Checklist - What To Do Before Go Live?
Product Launch Planning Checklist - What To Do Before Go Live?

Research & Secure Influencers for Promotion.

Reach out to influential people in your space. Develop a list of influencers with an audience that aligns with the product you are launching and reach out to them. Offer them incentives for promotion or collaboration around the launch. Reach out well before launch day so they have time to spread word and get the word out on various channels like social media platforms and publications.

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Establish a Product Launch Timeline & Budget

Create a timeline for your product launch that outlines important deliverables like developing content, advertising, and promotions. Track each phase of the process to ensure everything is kept on schedule. Along with the timeline, establish a budget for any costs associated with the product launch such as designing materials, hiring additional staff or promotional activities. Allocate funds accordingly to make sure you can successfully launch your product.

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