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Marketing Your Brand to Top Social Media Influencers Quickly & Easily

Entering the world of influencer marketing can seem daunting at first. However, with some research and understanding, you can begin utilizing influencers to help promote your brand. This guide will provide an overview of how to choose the right influencers for your marketing strategy, how to reach out and establish relationships with them, and tips for measuring success.

Research Who to Engage With.

When beginning to research influencers, start by finding those who have a large following and audience. Consider their interests, affinity for your brand, and the type of content they usually post. Also look for more subtle factors like their stage in life and the geographic location of their followers to ensure your message resonates with them. Taking this extra time to research into whom you should engage with can increase the likelihood that they will be open to working with your brand.

Identify Areas of Collaboration and Opportunities.

Once you have identified the influencers that are a good match, brainstorm ways they can help promote your brand. Consider sending out product samples and discussing fee structures. Additionally, approach them with ideas and mutually beneficial projects to discuss. Keep in mind any scope at which they are willing to engage; it is essential to respect their time and boundaries. When setting up a partnership, transparently communicate with the influencer their role in working with your brand; this will ensure that everyone is on the same page before beginning a collaboration.

Create an Appealing Pitch or Offer.

Its important to create an appealing pitch or offer that is tailored to each individual influencer. Your offer should be focused on their interests, style and audience as well as what you can do for them as a brand that other companies cannot. Offer incentives through discounts, special offers and collaborations by which both parties will benefit. Be sure to clearly explain the details of the arrangement including activities, deadlines and expected results. Creating an attractive offer that is easy to understand and follow will maximize your chance of success!

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Marketing Your Brand to Top Social Media Influencers Quickly & Easily
Marketing Your Brand to Top Social Media Influencers Quickly & Easily

Reach Out and Follow Up as Needed.

After making an initial contact with influencers, they will either accept or decline your offer. If they do not respond to your message in a timely manner, touch base with them again after a few days. Show them that you understand the value of their time and effort and don’t be afraid to express your appreciation for their decision either way. Finally, continue reaching out and following up as necessary until both parties are happy with the agreement.

Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC).

An often overlooked method of growing your relationship with influencers is to leverage User Generated Content. UGC involves collecting content from advocates and influencers in the form of stories, reviews, photos, and videos that promote your brand. Influencers can then share this UGC on their social channels and grow awareness for your business. This helps build relationships between your brand and influencers that are both meaningful and lasting.

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