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9+ Free SMTP Server for Email Sending

Use of emails for online businesses is no less than a riddle. On the off chance that you concur, at that point you need to evaluate what do these best free SMTP servers can accomplish for you. They give you new devices to make your current errands simpler just as uncovering absolutely new conceivable outcomes.

Before we start, let us clarify that email deliverability is not a big issue even if you are sending millions of emails at a go. And if an email service provider is saying that it is a challenge for them, then they are not the email service to go after.

In case your business operates on WordPress website, you can simply install WP Mail SMTP wordpress plugin by WPForms or MailPoet. These wordpress plugins have a capability to connect with any of the email service providers over SMTP or API. WP Mail SMTP has 1 million+ installs on WordPress.

Right now, will cover the accompanying themes -

Why emails are not sending through my free smtp server?

Fundamentally, you can separate the emails that you have to send into two principle types, i.e bulk email, and transactional email.

The primary kind i.e bulk emails are the ones which are sent to multiple users(list of subscribers) at the same time.

The second sort of emails are the transactional emails which are sent to singular recipients and it is balanced correspondence dependent on the recipient’s movement. In addition, the recipient triggers the email to be sent toward them.

Transactional emails are a significant kind of email-based correspondence between a business and its crowd or client base. More or less, on the off chance that you have the apparatus, plugin, web administration, and so on and you need a specific thing to speak with the client consequently dependent on explicit triggers then it is when transactional email occurs.

In that situation, you don’t need to do any work, your instruments calculation will distinguish the things and triggers the email to the specific client (coordinated correspondence) when any exchange occurs.

Along these lines, transactional emails are significant and must be conveyed to your recipients as a matter of course and quick.

You can accomplish this by utilizing PHP’s mail() work or comparative in different advancements yet these are not prescribed as you can run into some deliverability issue here. Particularly when you have a common web server and the server’s IP may as of now be on spam blacklists, which will send your emails in the recipient’s spam envelope and henceforth clashing the deliverability. Furthermore, in this manner, this isn’t a prescribed method to sent transactional emails.

Free SMTP Server

SMTP is a worldwide electronic standard for transmission of emails. Almost all emails utilize a free SMTP server. In the event that you get an email in your inbox, in all probability it is sent from a SMTP server. Today we will investigate a portion of the free SMTP specialist organizations.

Look at our free SMTP server list and pick which plan is most appropriate for your needs –SMTP server list and choose which plan is best suited for your needs –

1. MailJet 2. Amazon SES 3. SendinBlue 4. Elastic Emails 5. SendPulse 6. Mailgun 7. SparkPost 8. SendGrid 9. Mandrill 10. Postmark

1. MailJet | Email Sending Service

MailJet is a cloud-based assistance which permits you to send transactionally just as marketing emails. It is a ground-breaking specialist co-op which guarantees the most extreme deliverability of value-based and marketing emails.

Pricing: It gives a plan to free wherein you can send up to 6,000 emails/month i.e 200 emails/day. On the off chance that you need more emails administrations, at that point you can get a paid assistance, it is accessible for $9.65/month for the essential plan, and $15.50/month for the excellent plan. In the event that you need to send the quantity of emails, at that point you would you be able to should pay likewise. Check the subtleties here.

Free Emails: Mailjet email API service gives you 6,000 emails/month for nothing. On the off chance that you need a higher plan, pay it appropriately.

2. Amazon SES | Cheap SMTP Server

Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service) is another cloud-based email sending service intended to send value-based and marketing emails to help computerized advertisers just as application developers. It can likewise be coordinated into the product you as of now use, for example, ticketing frameworks and email customers. You can utilize Free SMTP server for testing.

Pricing: This service is free just as paid. For free service, you can send up to 62,000 emails for each month, however there is an uncommon condition. You can just exploit the free tier (free service) on the off chance that you are an Amazon EC2 client and “when you call Amazon SES from an Amazon EC2 occasion straightforwardly or through AWS Elastic Beanstalk.” Also, $0.12 per GB of connections sent.

Free Emails: Amazon email sending service gives 62,000 emails for every month for sending more emails, the arrangement must be overhauled.

3. Sendinblue | Free SMTP Server

The SendinBlue is again an excellent free SMTP server supplier which is anything but difficult to utilize and furthermore underpins API, Plugins and Integrations. Incorporating SendinBlue with WordPress is simple. We energetically suggest utilizing Sendinblue.

Pricing: SendinBlue offers numerous types of assistance like Lite, Essential, Premium, and so forth. It additionally offers free assistance in which you can send 9,000 emails/month, constrained to 300 emails for each day. All plans can be seen here.

Free Emails: SendinBlue gives 9,000 emails/month for free, in the event that you need to send more sends, at that point you have to update your arrangement.

4. Elastic Emails | Email Marketing Platform

Elastic Email is a free SMTP service provider. It has a lot of devices for everybody whether you are an engineer, advertiser or an originator, the instruments created by them, fits all. It gives the ultra-quick worldwide foundation for transactional emails.

Pricing: It offers 150,000 emails/month for free. On the off chance that you need to send more emails, at that point you can pick any arrangement which suits you. The arrangement’s value ranges from $150 to $4000. You can at present send additional emails for an additional charge contingent upon your arrangement.

Free Emails: It furnishes you with 150,000 emails/month for free.

5. Sendpulse | Email Marketing Platform

Sendpulse is a Multi-Channel Marketing Platform and a free SMTP service. They give Email, SMS, Transactional Emails, Facebook Messenger and so forth services. For Emails, they give highlights like Email Editor, Subscriber Ratings, division, A/B testing and so forth. They have a smooth interface and is useful for advertisers and engineers.

Pricing: This service gives 500 free endorsers and lets you send 15000 free emails. Their paid plans start with $6.4 every month when charged yearly and $8 when paid monthly. They likewise have a pay more only as costs arise include for $0.0032 per email. Substantial for 12 months after buy. Look at costs here

Free Emails: Sendpulse Provides you with 15,000 Free Emails.

6. Mailgun | Email Marketing API

Mailgun is an email mechanization service for nothing SMTP relay gave by Rackspace, particularly for designers. It gives amazing APIs to sending, accepting and following the emails easily. It offers a total cloud-based email service.

Pricing: It is accessible liberated from cost in which you can send a limit of 10,000 emails/month. On the off chance that you need a more elevated level service, at that point paid alternatives are additionally accessible. It charges in control/emails style. The charges can be seen here.

Free Emails: Mailgun gives you 10,000 emails/month for nothing. On the off chance that you need to send more emails, at that point you can send it on additional charge/per email.

7. Sparkpost |Bulk SMTP Server

Sparkpost is one of the cloud-based free SMTP relay server suppliers. Sparkpost is nearly new and is utilized by some significant brands, for example, Pinterest, radio, Zillow, and so on. The organization asserts that 25% of the world’s non-spam emails are sent by them.

Pricing: Sparkpost prices are extremely helpful for the clients as it is planned according to client needs. It additionally offers free support for designers in which it permits 15,000 emails/month and that too with no time confinements. In the event that you need to send more emails, at that point you can pick the plans. It begins at $9 and goes up to $249. In each plan, you can send additional emails with additional charges according to the plan.

Free Emails: It gives you 15,000 emails/month for free and that too with no time restriction.

8. Mandrill | Transactional Email API

Mandrill is fundamentally an email sending API for MailChimp clients. It gives a solid and ground-breaking administration to send transactional emails, including focused around ecommerce emails and customized one-one messages. We trust you are preferring our cheap SMTP server list. It is the best free SMTP server for testing purposes.

Pricing: Mandrill gives you 2,000 emails as free credits and once these are utilized, you have to move up to a paid MailChimp record and begin purchasing more Mandrill credits to keep sending emails. Check the evaluating subtleties here.

Free Emails: It gives you 2,000 emails and once they are depleted you have to overhaul the arrangement.

9. Postmarkapp | Transactional Email Service

Postmark is the transactional emails service supplier for web applications. It centers around quick and solid conveyance of transactional emails. The brand endeavors to keep up a high notoriety in the business as they physically audit each new record to keep up quick conveyance. It is an excellent service for free SMTP transfer. Pricing: Free arrangement permits their clients to send up to 100 emails for each month. Plans value ranges from $10 to $400, yet you can in any case redo the arrangement. You can check the point by point plan here.

Free Email: Postmark gives 100 Free emails for each month. From that point onward, you have to buy the arrangement.


That was all we got about free SMTP severs, SMTP services, SMTP relay service and email sending services. Comparing all the SMTP services feature wise, SendGrid and Sendinblue come out as winners for us.

When it comes to affordability, Amazon SES email service is at #1 for us, because of its flexible plans. Rest other SMTP relay services are on the higher side of pricing.

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