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Exploring The Best SEO Technical Technology Tools

Technical SEO technology can be a huge advantage for businesses looking to improve their online presence and visibility. From tools that detect errors and report on website performance, to resources that track rankings and measure organic traffic, these technical SEO technologies offer you powerful insights into your website's search engine optimization.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a powerful website crawler that helps you audit technical issues quickly and accurately. You can use it to detect broken links, support pages with errors or incorrect redirects, dig deep into metadata and more. It’s an invaluable tool for identifying and fixing technical SEO problems, ensuring everything looks and works as it should on your website.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another essential tool for technical SEO. It provides detailed insights into how Google interacts with and interprets your website’s content, identifying any errors or issues quickly and efficiently. With Search Console, you can also monitor your impression share and Clickthrough rate on specific pages, as well as view click-through rate distribution and track changes in traffic over time. It’s a powerful tool that not enough people use to optimize their websites.

Exploring The Best SEO Technical Technology Tools
Exploring The Best SEO Technical Technology Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

Another invaluable tool for technical SEO is Bing Webmaster Tools (or Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools). It’s a set of tools that enable webmasters to identify and fix any errors on their website and measure SEO performance. It also allows users to view detailed traffic metrics and search analytics. Bing Webmaster Tools tracks pages crawled, broken links, keyword rankings, and more—allowing you to make the most out of your SEO efforts.


Ahrefs is a powerful tool for technical SEO and can be used to identify and fix issues, measure performance, and ensure site visibility. It also helps users crawl their site faster than ever before, track backlinks, analyze keyword rankings, and monitor website changes. Ahrefs allows webmasters to precisely comprehend what’s going on with their websites and how the competition is faring in terms of SEO.

Varvy SEO Tool

The Varvy SEO Tool is a powerful two in one tool that helps users identify both technical and content issues on their website. It provides an in-depth analysis of page speed, evaluates the presence of different meta tags, checks for broken links, verifies core web vitals, and shows the structure of your site’s URLs. This tool is a must-have to not only uncover SEO deficiencies but also ensure that your website is completely optimized for search engine rankings.

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