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Discovering the Art of Content Curation - Books that Will Help You Succeed

Looking to sharpen your content curation skills? Here are a few of the top books that cover the art and science of content curation. From How-to guides to deep dives into the fundamentals, these books will help you build an effective content curation strategy that drives real results.

Content Curation: The Art and Science of Building Digital Excellence by Mike Overly.

Mike Overly takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of content curation. He walks readers through the entire process, from the basics of selecting and evaluating content to crafting a compelling narrative with visuals and telling stories with data. Read this book to understand how to curate content that engages users and drives business objectives.

Making Sense of Curation: Strategies for Digital Library Exhibits by Carmelita Elam.

In her book, Carmelita Elam illustrates how curation is an integral tool for libraries of all sizes. Through expert guidance and hands-on tips, readers learn how to create digital library exhibits that capture the audience's attention. Each chapter discusses single topics related to content curation for digital libraries and culminates in a practical exercise to practice the skills taught on each page.

The Content Curator’s Day-Planner: Uncovering the Secrets to Effective Curating by John Tropea.

In this book written by John Tropea, readers are guided through the content curation process from start to finish. He teaches how to discover topics that your readers will enjoy and how to create compelling content for them to read. The book contains step-by-step instructions about how to use popular tools like Hootsuite and Flipboard for efficient curation, along with ideas on how to stay creative and motivated in your work.

Discovering the Art of Content Curation - Books that Will Help You Succeed
Discovering the Art of Content Curation - Books that Will Help You Succeed

Content Curation as Knowledge Management Strategy by Kathleen Gray & Kirby Gulbranson.

In this book, author Kathleen Gray and Kirby Gulbranson provide strategies for integrating content curation into knowledge management systems. You’ll learn about the latest trends in digital marketing and how to create meaningful relationships with your audience through careful curation efforts. The authors also explain how to maximize the impact of the content you produce, from creating targeted campaigns to measuring success metrics across multiple platforms.

Introducing Content Curation - A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing It Right by Francine Hardaway & Lynn Weinheimer.

This book provides readers with a step by step guide to content curation and how to do it right. It covers topics such as identifying content sources, developing a content strategy, setting up filters and rules for what content to use, and how to create meaningful connections between each piece of content. The authors also explain in-depth the importance of tracking and interpreting data, so you can identify which content resonates most with your audience.

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