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Content Marketing Videos: How to Create Engaging Videos

Content marketing videos can be a powerful tool for businesses to engage their target audience and craft lasting relationships. From capturing your company’s mission through storytelling to utilizing data-driven A/B testing methods, creating content marketing videos requires strategic planning and thoughtful execution. Read on for useful tips on how to plan, create, and optimize your content marketing videos!

Define Your Audience and Message.

Before beginning the process of creating videos for your content marketing campaign, it’s essential to first define your target audience. Ask yourself what specific demographic you are looking to engage and create video content that tailors to their interests and needs. Additionally, establish a clear and concise message that you can communicate throughout each video in a way that resonates with viewers. Understanding who you are speaking to will help ensure the success of your content marketing videos!

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Determine Your Video Length.

As content marketing videos should offer an effective and quick way to communicate information and spark interest for your brand, it’s important to keep the video length at a maximum of five minutes. Videos that are too long may cause viewers to lose concentration, whereas succinct and punchy videos provide more clarity, increase audience engagement, and maintain viewer attention throughout.

Select the Right Platform for Hosting.

Before creating content for your video, you should decide which platform to use for hosting. While YouTube is a popular choice, other platforms such as Vimeo and Wistia may be better suited to your target audience. Consider the types of videos you will be producing and closely examine each platform’s advantages and drawbacks

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Content Marketing Videos: How to Create Engaging Videos
Content Marketing Videos: How to Create Engaging Videos

Outline a Script and Storyboard for Visuals.

Once you’ve selected a platform, the next step is to outline your script and storyboard for the visuals. Write up a brief summary of what you want to accomplish in the video—be it entertaining, informing or both. Plot out the main points you want to make and consider how best to visually communicate these ideas. You might want to use ChatGPT to help you in writing it all. Sketch out thumbnail images of each scene so that you can quickly visualize the story arc in the editing process. The goal is to have an efficient working strategy prior to filming any footage.

Execute with Professional Production Elements.

Once the script and storyboard are complete, it’s time to start filming. There are many ways to create a professional-looking video with minimal resources. Invest in quality equipment such as mics and cameras, consider hiring an experienced videographer or editor, or hire a production team if you want the highest level of polish. It’s important to make sure your brand image is maintained throughout the videos; hire voice actors to read scripts and use music library services for background tracks.

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