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8 Best Browserstack Alternatives – Browser Testing Tools

With the growing community of testing , there are now many browserstack alternative emerging over the web. Competing to browserstack, platforms like browserling, spoon and others are making their presence felt cross-browser testing market. With the businesses moving on to the online space, the business of cross browser testing platforms is going to expand exponentially.

8 Best Browserstack Alternatives – Browser Testing Tools
8 Best Browserstack Alternatives – Browser Testing Tools

So that you choose the right fit for your website/business, we have curated a list of cross-browser testing platforms. Following is the list of browserstack alternatives

  1. Browseling

  2. Browsera

  3. Sauce Labs

  4. Crossbrowsertesting

  5. Browsershots

  6. Kobiton

  7. LambdaTest

  8. Selenium

1. Browseling | Live Interactive Cross Browser Testing

Browserling is an online utility that encourages you check a web page to see what it looks like in different browsers and various variants of them. It underpins Opera, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. When the rendering is done for the present choice, clients can undoubtedly choose another form of the equivalent or a particular web browser.

There is a wide scope of projects and working systems, and Browserling gives speedy access to all the most standard projects on the most well known working structures. Customers can just go to, select a program, and start testing their site. It’s that direct! This expansion makes it impressively less troublesome.

Once presented, it allows you to test the present site that you’re skimming. Simply tap the development, pick a phase, program, and structure, and you can start testing! Browserling allows you to live to surf a site in a substitute program with nothing to present. This lets, for instance, a Mac customer test a webpage to see how it acts in Internet Explorer 6, without introducing a virtual machine or plays out whatever other arrangement work.

HTML5 and JavaScript control Browserling, and you don’t need to present anything. All relationship among you and Browserling are SSL mixed. You’re examining is totally obscure! You can get, extra, modify, and send screen captures of your site pages in various projects with this browserstack alternative.

2. Browsera | Automated Cross Browser Web Application Testing Service

Browsera is another such browserstack alternative which is Automated Testing Software used to tests and reports cross-program format contrasts and scripting blunders on your site. No Installation Required and can test AJAX and DHTML on your whole site.

Browsera is an online apparatus that can enable you to out. It can consequently analyze the yield of every browser and discover irregularities in your pages, with the goal that you can rapidly fix them. Browsera will auto-crawl pages inside your site and render the pages in chosen browsers. At long last, it will log scripting mistakes and give you screen capture of each page for your reference.

3. Sauce Labs | Cross Browser Testing, Mobile Testing, Selenium Testing

For Web Testing, Sauce Labs offers types of assistance of cross-browser testing, mobile emulators and simulators, and live web testing. Before long another item will be up which is Sauce Headless. For Mobile App Testing, it offers types of assistance of Real Device Cloud, Mobile Emulators and Simulators, and Live App Testing.

4. CrossBrowserTesting | Cross Browser Testing Tool

CrossBrowserTesting is given by an organization called SmartBear. CrossBrowserTesting permits you to run your live, visual and Selenium UI tests on more than 2050 genuine work area and portable browsers.

With the Record and Replay instrument, you’re ready to record a live test and afterward run that recorded test in equal against various browsers and gadgets. This is valuable for the non-specialized client that is hoping to accelerate their testing.

5. Browsershots |Check Browser Compatibility

Browsershots makes screen captures of your website composition in various programs. It is a free open-source online help made by Johann C. Rocholl. In case you’re searching for more information about Browsershots like screen captures, surveys and remarks you should visit our data page about it. Hence of the best Browserstack alternative.

6. Kobiton| BrowserStack Alternative for Mobile Testing

Kobiton is a profoundly adaptable cloud-based versatile experience stage situated in Atlanta, GA that quickens the testing and conveyance of local, web and mixture applications on both Android and iOS. It is reasonable for groups going from little new companies to enormous ventures, the beginning expense is a small amount of Sauce Labs with adjustable arrangement alternatives that are accessible to fit any measure spending plan.

An open REST API permits the groups to rapidly and effectively incorporate with the current CI/CD devices for an upgraded DevOps experience. Kobiton use the Appium structure and has as of late discharged its first Scriptless automation instrument for portable, permitting groups to make and fare open standard Appium scripts without composing any code.

7. LambdaTest | Best Browserstack Alternative

LambdaTest provides you features like real-time testing,Responsive testing, Screenshot testing, Testing of locally hosted web applications through SSH tunnel, Smart Visual UI testing. LambdaTest offers types of assistance for site and web application testing.

Client can perform Live and Automation testing on LambdaTest stage. LambdaTest performs at standard with Browserstack and its automation plan comes at a large portion of the expense. It offers types of assistance to SME, Freelancers, and Enterprises.

The organization gives distinctive estimating plans to cross-browser testing. It can be tagged as a main Browserstack alternative.

8. Selenium | Most Used BrowserStack Alternative

It computerizes the programs and it very well may be utilized by any organization. Items provided by Selenium will be Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, and Selenium Grid. Selenium is an open source and is wealthy in included items and henceforth it is exceptionally mainstream. It tends to be a number 2 choice to Sauce Labs. Despite the fact that it has 20% covering administrations with Sauce Labs, in view of its prominence it is a number 2 other option.


This is it, everything about Browserstack alternatives. If we compare based on the services provided, BrowserStack and Cross Browser Testing will compete with Sauce Labs. Approximately, Selenium has overlap for the services. Selenium turned out to be the #1 Browserstack alternative, as it provides more features and an open source tool as well.

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