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5 Little Known Keyword Research Hacks That Work Wonders

If you want to get ahead in the competitive world of SEO, you need to stay one step ahead with your keyword research. From uncovering untapped opportunities to boosting your visibility in the SERPs, here are five unconventional hacks that will help you succeed.

Utilize "Answer the Public" for Comprehensive Results.

AnswerThePublic is a great keyword research tool for discovering long-tail search queries related to your main keywords. This tool provides comprehensive and structured results that allow you to find queries you may have not thought of otherwise. Answer the Public takes the guesswork out of finding unique search phrases, giving you an insight into what people are looking for on Google and other popular search engines.

Create Seed Keywords Lists from Competitor Analysis.

A great way to find the best keywords for your campaigns is to analyze what your competitors are ranking for. You can do this by looking at their website content and seeing which page titles, headings, and subheadings are driving the most traffic and engagement. Using these topics as seed keywords, you can search Google Suggest feature to get related keyword ideas that you may have never thought of. Additionally, if you want to get more granular data on the queries used by competitors in organic search, you can use tools like Semrush and SpyFu to monitor their performance.

Utilize Autocomplete for Unintended Consequences.

Another great keyword research hack is to use Google’s autocomplete feature. The way Autocomplete works is it will offer search suggestions as you type in your seed keywords. This can be a useful resource to uncover unexpected query variations and popular long-tail words that people are searching for around those topics. Additionally, when the same keyword shows up multiple times in Autocomplete, chances are that it’s high on the priority list of ranking terms and should be an important part of your SEO campaigns.

5 Little Known Keyword Research Hacks That Work Wonders
5 Little Known Keyword Research Hacks That Work Wonders

Listen to Your Audience with Surveys and Polls.

The best way to get insight into what people are searching for around your topic is to collect data directly from them. Surveys and polls offer a great opportunity to discover potential keywords that you may have missed by relying solely on data analysis. Ask your blog subscribers or email list, or even post something on social media and ask followers what topics they would like covered. You’ll be able to uncover valuable keyword opportunities that are specific to the interests of your own audience.

Check Social Media Platforms For Universal Trends.

Social media has become a go-to source for finding out what’s trending in your niche and capitalizing on popular topics. Look closely at the conversations happening, especially if you’re targeting specific demographics like millennials. Platforms such as Reddit also have many forums and groups that discuss every possible topic use them to get an idea of what questions people are asking and what topics they are discussing.

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