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5 Creative Pricing Models to Help Your Business Grow

Wondering what pricing strategy will best suit your business? From marketing bundles to multi-tiered pricing schemes, there are many creative ways to increase profits and customers for your company. Learn about five of the most popular options here.

Freemium Pricing Model.

The Freemium pricing model is a great way to attract new customers. This model typically includes a basic “Freemium” version and an upgraded paid version. Customers can try out the freemium version and upgrade to the paid product only if they find that it meets their needs. With this model, businesses get more customer engagement by using the freemium product to drive sales for the paid version.

Subscription/Recurring Revenue Model.

The Subscription/Recurring Revenue Model is a great way to generate recurring revenue. This model offers customers a monthly or annual fee in exchange for access to services or products. For example, companies such as Netflix and Spotify offer their customers a Subscription-based service in exchange for access to movies, music, and more. With this pricing strategy, businesses can create ongoing relationships with their customers as they provide them with value every month.

5 Creative Pricing Models to Help Your Business Grow
5 Creative Pricing Models to Help Your Business Grow

Pay-Per-Use Model.

The Pay-Per-Use pricing model is a great way for businesses to generate revenue on an as-needed basis. This pricing strategy allows customers to pay for products or services based on the amount that they use, rather than a flat rate fee. For example, many cloud storage companies offer Different tiers of services depending on your usage needs. Depending on the service users need, they can choose the tier and pay accordingly based their usage.

Pay As You Go Model.

The Pay-As-You-Go pricing model allows customers to pay for services as they use them and only for the services they use. This model is especially beneficial for businesses that require periodic or occasional purchases, such as those in automotive maintenance, legal consultation, web hosting, or document translation. It’s particularly useful when working with a price sensitive market since customers can select their level of service and pay accordingly.

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Tiered Pricing Model.

Using a tiered pricing model can also be beneficial to businesses as it allows customers to pay for specific services as they consume them. Rather than offering all of your services in one package, you can create packages with basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of service that offer different prices for the same set of services. This pricing model gives customers the option of selecting a package that fits their budget while still allowing them access to the features they need.

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